Whether you are single or married, you may be interested in adopting a child. Lots of different circumstances can cause people to want to adopt, with the most common being a married couple who is unable to have their own children for physical reasons, yet  still wants to have a family.

With so many children in the world needing a loving home, you would think adoption - matching the right child with the right willing and loving adoptive parent - would be an easy task to accomplish. Sometimes it can be, but more often the task can become discouraging, confusing, and wrought with anxiety. No one wants to find a child and fall in love with it, only to face a custody battle down the road because the paperwork was not done properly.

With the help of a skilled adoption attorney like James A. Robertson however, this situation can be avoided. Using proper legal procedure, he will ensure that your rights are protected, giving you the confidence and peace of mind you deserve.

There are many types of adoption available to families in Brazoria County, but all of them fall under two broad categories; open, or closed. Closed adoption means the birth parent will no longer be involved in any way with the adoption family family or the child. In fact, they may not even know who they are or where they live.

An open adoption allows for the birth parent to be connected in some way with the adoptive parent and possibly even the child. In this category the adoption family would decide how open they would want the adoption to be - whether photos will exchanged or visits between the child and the birth  parents or parent are arranged.

The following are the types of open or closed adoption available in the United States:

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The above can be domestic adoptions or they may involve the adoption of a child from another country outside of the U.S. and it's territories (domestic vs. foreign adoption).

Adoption can be a wonderful lifetime experience for all parties involved. But it has the best chance of being so when done properly with the help of a skilled adoption lawyer.

 Brazoria County adoption lawyer James Robertson can meet with you to discuss the legal issues that surround adoption in greater detail. He is passionate about helping his clients in Pearland, Alvin, Manvel, Angleton and Lake Jackson who are seeking to provide an adoption child with a better and brighter future. If you are considering adoption, contact Robertson today.










  • Private Adoption - one that is arranged through an intermediary such as a lawyer
  • Agency Adoption - one that is arranged by a public or private adoption agency
  • Relative Adoption - one in which the adoptive parents are biologically related to the child to be adopted.
  • Step-Parent Adoption -  adoption of a child by the parent's new spouse.
  • Foster Parent Adoption - adoption in which a child is placed into a home as a foster child with the idea that the child will eventually become legally eligible to be adopted by the foster parents.
  • Grandparent Adoption - one which gives grandparents all legal parental rights.
  • Independent Adoption - a type of private adoption which is also arranged through an intermediary such as a lawyer.
  • Single Parent Adoption - adoption by an individual who decides to adopt.
  • Special Needs Adoption - adopting a child with physical, medical, mental, learning, or emotional disabilities.

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