According to CDC national surveys, someone gets divorced every 10 to 13 seconds with Texas leading the nation in the highest total number of divorces. While this is not a statistic to be proud of, it does suggest that we must be prepared to take the steps necessary to deal with whatever life may bring our way.  Many fear the stress and stigma of divorce and do not want to take the necessary steps to end their marriage, even if it is best for them and their spouse, as well as the children involved.

Should divorce ever become your best option, you can have confidence and peace of mind knowing that a family law specialist like James A. Robertson is available to handle the matter for you.

In a practice spanning more than two decades, and involving thousands of cases, attorney Robertson has acquired the skills and confidence necessary to handle all legal issues related to marriage, children, and family. He represents clients in Pearland, Alvin, Manvel, Angleton, Rosharon and Lake Jackson, Texas providing the level of personalized service and knowledgeable representation that allows you to make the right decisions about your divorce case, so you can obtain the best possible outcome.

Because of the delicate nature of divorce matters, and the number of people in the family who are impacted by it, the family law attorney has to handle his clients and their legal situations with a more personal and compassionate approach than that used in other areas of law. They have to factor in human nature and consider their client's goals, fears and apprehensions, while working within the solutions provided by the legal system. They also need to possess extraordinary conflict resolution skills.

Acting in his capacities as a family law attorney and Brazoria County Family Law Judge, Robertson has developed and honed his divorce law skills to a high degree. Each and every one of his clients receives his personalized and compassionate approach, as well as his focused attention and skilled legal support across a broad range of divorce issues including child custody, property division,  child support, spousal support, child abuse, visitation, relocation, modifications, mediation, and many others.

       You Need Honest Answers to Make Good Decisions

Making decisions that impact your future, like getting a divorce, can be tough, and making tough decisions requires the truth, not just what you want to hear, or what can get you to part with the most money. You need a lawyer you can trust, a lawyer who will provide the counsel that you deserve during this difficult time.

Robertson listens to his clients' needs and gives them honest answers about their individual circumstances. As a solo practitioner he takes a very hands-on approach to his cases and  spends enough time with each client to really get to know their situation.

Attorney Robertson starts with his client's end goal and determines exactly what they are hoping to achieve in their case. He knows it's difficult for people going through the emotional trauma of a divorce or other family law issue to think very far into the future, so he helps his clients clearly identify and understand what's really important to them. He then tells them frankly, and early in the game, whether what they want to achieve is reasonable, or even possible.

As a former judge, Robertson knows that judges decide issues and make decisions based on what's reasonable for both parties involved. This perspective helps him to establish the proper goal for his clients, one worth spending their time and money on. It also helps avoid unreasonable expectations and unnecessary expenses.





















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