Paternity essentially means fatherhood. Paternity cases involve establishing who is the biological father of a child so that a legal claim can be made in the matters of child custody, child support  and visitation rights.

A mother who is seeking financial aid from the father of a child, usually in cases where the couple is not married, may need to take legal action and file a paternity suit to receive child support and collect any back payments due. An alleged father may be the victim of paternity fraud and may seek to prove that he is not the child's biological father and is not therefore legally required to pay child support. In another type of paternity case, a father may want to establish that he is in fact the biological father of a child so that he can be legally entitled to play a part in the child's life and be granted the full rights, privileges, and responsibilities of fatherhood.

Whatever the reason legal action is being considered regarding fatherhood rights and responsibilities, it may be best to let an experienced paternity lawyer like James A. Robertson handle the matter for you. Robertson has skillfully represented the interests of parents and children in Pearland, Manvel, Alvin, and Lake Jackson, Texas paternity cases for more than twenty years in the Brazoria County family law courts. His experience as a Brazoria County family law judge has added to his perspective in dealing with  paternity,  child custody, child support, and other related matters.

                 How a Paternity Attorney Can Help You

Even if one parent does not want to be involved in a child's life, it is important that parentage is established on his or her birth certificate. Under Texas law, an unmarried couple who conceives a child and the child is born out of wedlock, the father legally has no rights or responsibilities to the child. In order for a mother to obtain child support or a father to obtain visitation to their child, they need to establish paternity. If you are having a difficult time determining the paternity of a child, it is important that you contact an attorney as soon as possible and bring your case into the justice system. James Robertson will employ the full measure of the law to force paternity testing if necessary to establish parental rights and responsibilities.

                          How Paternity is Determined

When both parents sign an Acknowledgment of Paternity and it is filed with the Bureau of Vital Statistics, the biological father becomes the legal father. Once paternity has been established, the father's name is placed on the birth certificate. A court can order him to pay child support and grant him the right to visitation or possession of his child.

If paternity is disputed, a suit to establish parentage can be filed by a paternity lawyer and the court will usually order genetic testing. If the genetic testing identifies an individual as the father, then there is a rebuttable presumption of a 99 percent chance that the  man is the child's father. Parentage can then only be 100 percent confirmed by a second genetic test that either excludes or identifies the man as the child's father, or possibly identifies another man as the child's father.

Whatever the fatherhood issues you are dealing with may be, you can count on paternity lawyer James Robertson for expert handling of your paternity case.






















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